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Friday, September 01, 2006

Day 2066: “Death of a Presidency”


Apparently, Channel 4 have decided to ASSASSINATE a CGI George W Bush. He’ll be going DUCK SHOOTING with DARTH CHENEY, then.

This is a sort of BURNING the President in EFFIGY – childish but satisfying for the people who enjoy that sort of thing, and likely to induce much CROSSNESS in the same sort of people on the other side.

It is all a bit unnecessary, though, given how SPECTACULARLY Mr Bush is SELF-DESTRUCTING his own presidency.

It has been a year since the terrible hurricane Katrina did so much damage to the city of New Orleans and America.

It is very sad that it a tragedy of such proportions, the loss of life and livelihood, was allowed to occur, but that it WAS allowed to occur finally awoke the American people to just how LAZY and RUBBISH their Monkey-in-Chief really was. And that is why it is also the anniversary of the point at which President Monkey's popularity ratings finally collapsed.

In the year since then, very little seems to have been achieved towards the restoration of either the poor neighbourhoods of the city or the Presidential Reputation.

The failure of the former just goes to show why there should be no reprieve for the latter either.

Because while the RICH WHITE folks have had their nice houses patched up, the POOR quarters are still a ruin. And it seems that more than half of the city’s population has yet to return home – if they ever will.

Worse, there seems to be a SINISTER ethnic cleansing going on: before Katrina two-thirds of the city's population were black; now that is down to under half of the less than half who have come back.

White businessman Boysie Bollinger, quoted in this article from the BBC, spells it out. He's been replacing his black workforce with a Hispanic one and talks of the "cleansing" effect of the hurricane. I suppose it ought to go without saying that he is a good friend of Bad Prince George.

The worst thing is that this need not have happened at all, if the government had SPENT the money to reinforce and repair the levees that protected New Orleans or if the Monkey-in-Chief had bothered to listen to any of the warnings, or if he had acted more quickly when the worst did happen.

But that isn't the George Bush way. Instead, it is to take a holiday, do favours for his friends, blame other people, and if all else fails cry: "Look out! Terrorists!"

Which, no doubt, is why he is spending his time this week trying to remind everyone about the OTHER terrible thing that happened on his watch – that also, in fact, might have been avoided if he had listened to the warnings or not gone off on the longest holiday in history – the awful events of September 11.

Believe it or not, he is still promising "victory" in his war against an adjective.

There are VERY SCARY things going on in the country of Iran at the moment – religious mania and atom bombs, never a good combination: look at what it has done for Lord Blairimort's state of mind! – but thanks to the policies of the Monkey and his government, the people who might have stood a chance of calming things down – the Iranian moderates, the United Nations – are all in DISARRAY. And America herself has neither the military nor diplomatic strength to do anything about it either.

There is still a very strong sense of "they hit us so we're going to hit them back and harder" in America. The problem is, all too often that translates on the ground into "they hit us so we're going to hit SOMEONE back and we really don't care who".

That just means that whoever that someone turned out to be starts thinking "they hit us so we're going to hit them back and harder" as well – and you get more terrorist attacks on America, or the West or anyone nearby who is soft enough.

An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.

In just a couple of months, there will be mid-term elections in the US, and the Republicans are scrambling to DISTANCE themselves from their own President. They have been in charge of the Congress and the Senate and the White House for years now and there is NO ONE left to BLAME but themselves. Almost IN SPITE of the Democrats, there is a mood, a yearning for CHANGE.

What America needs now is a HEALER, a new leadership that will bring people back together in New Orleans and bring America back into the fellowship of nations.

But although the Monkey cannot be gone quickly enough, SHOOTING him is probably the ONLY thing that would cause the Americans to rally round this discredited presidency. Which is the LAST thing anyone wants.

Besides, the CGI George is probably more intelligent than the real one!

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