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Monday, July 24, 2006

Day 2027: Pearls of Wisdom


I have learned that my diary is being read by Mr Daniel Pearl of the Newsnight programme!

I hope that all of my readers will go and look at the Newsnight website: there was a follow up piece to Mother Kearney's interview with Sir Mr the Merciless and it seemed that her audience from the real world came away with generally positive thoughts about Sir M. This is GOOD and shows that he can win people over. Possibly on pain of death.

I hope mentioning this in my diary gives Newsnight a big BOOST!

No doubt saying that has just triggered off Mr Daniel's very clever Internet reading technology so: Hello Mr Daniel! I wave a fluffy foot at you! You are welcome!

I am sorry for the joke in the title of today's diary – I bet you have heard that LOTS of times before! Still, the alternative is "Pearls before Swine" and that did not sound as nice. Daddy Richard has a silly surname too, so he knows how you probably feel.

It is good of you to have spotted what Daddy Alex and I had to say about Sir Mr the Merciless's appearance on your show. Although you might have made your point better about there being a DEBATE if you had chosen people who did not in fact AGREE. There were even helpful links to follow in both my diary and Daddy Alex's!

Still it would be VERY LOVELY if you would like Daddy and me to come onto your Newsnight show and DEBATE Sir Mr the Merciless for you!

I should like to become a FAMOUS TELEVISION PUNDIT: I would make Iain Dale look like Dale Winton!

(Please hire TOM BAKER to do my voice, though – Daddy Richard is too SHY!)

I do wonder what you meant when you went on to add:

"The thing I find strange about all this is that often people who write blogs, or contribute to them, somehow think that they are involved in a private forum."

I do not think that you can have meant that to refer to Daddy and me because only an idiot would not realise that what we write – in our very different ways – is pitched for the GENERAL PUBLIC. And also for my funny friend Mr Frank Luntz who reads my diary and has been on your show!

Daddy Alex wants as many people as possible have something that will make them THINK!

And I want to be the most famous fluffy elephant in the whole wide world (after Babar)!

It was very sad reading all the comments afterwards with people bleating "ooh yes, aren't bloggers all like sheep" when it was clear that none of them had followed your links. Though that might have been because they were broken to start with. (WELL DONE for fixing that, by the way!)

Perhaps you would like to say a friendly "hello!" back to me from time to time using the comments button when you are reading me. Then other people in the real world – or even the Newsnight world! – can see that this is a happy public place.

As Dr Who would say: "A Merry Christmas to all of you at home!"

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Iain Dale said...

Dale bloody Winton? Come on down!