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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Day 2017: Go Directly to Gaol


Daddy Richard has been sent on a course today to refill his brain with all the accountancy ideas that have dribbled out over the last year.

Most of it was about tax and law and really boring stuff so let's ignore all that, and skip to the fun bit at the end about FRAUD!

This is particularly good timing as three men have been handed over to AMERICA for just this reason, only today!

The Liberal Democrats managed to make the House of Commons discuss how UNFAIR it is that Lord Blairimort has signed a treaty that say that the American cops can just ask for anyone they want to be SLAPPED IN IRONS and sent from Britain but at the same time the American's own government hasn't even agreed to sign THEIR side of the treaty!

Liberal Home Secretary Mr NICK CLOGG managed to score a victory over Lord Blairimort when only FOUR of the Labour MP's could bear to vote to support the treaty!

Lord Blairimort's Mr Fixit for the day was Star Trek Chief Mike O'Brien who kept trying to say that the Liberal's want to be friends with rich bankers.

We can only guess that this is an example of IRONY!

Mr Clogg was last seen being bundled onto a CIA rendition flight!

For the "Nat West Three", as they are called, things get even more difficult on the other side of the Atlantic.

In this country, we believe that you can only have a fair trial if the defendant can afford proper representation. We call this LEGAL AID and it is why COMPLICATED fraud cases are so EXPENSIVE. In America, they save a lot of money by saying you have to pay for your own lawyer if you want one with the specialised knowledge needed to defend a trial like this.

Otherwise, the court will appoint KEVIN the INTERN as your council and may the GOOD LOOOORD have mercy on your SOUL!

American fraud trials are quicker and cheaper and get a lot more convictions. Mainly because the defendants go BANKRUPT.

Why are the Americans so keen to get hold of these people? Are they VERY DANGEROUS?

Apparently, the crime that they are accused of goes something like this: when they worked for Nat West Bank, they sold a thing to a third company.

(The "thing" was in ACTUAL FACT another company which had made a LOSS so it was not worth anything except that if that company was bought be another company with profits then tax accountants could magically make the loss and the profit cancel out and save someone paying a load of tax. But none of that is important, right now.)

Anyway, they sold a "thing" to a third company for a low price because Nat West wanted the money quickly and didn't want the "thing", so they sold it cheep and then quit Nat West and bought a lot of shares in the company that now owned the "thing" and THEN that company sold the "thing" on to American super-fraudsters ENRON for a lot of money and their shares were suddenly worth a whole lot more.

So they made a profit out of Nat West selling something cheep and Enron buying it expensive.

It is possible that Nat West lost out on a lot of money and that these guys got a bung for it. Or it is possible that they were just shrewd city chaps who made a clever investment.

What is NOT possible is that they defrauded ENRON – ENRON were ALWAYS stupid enough to pay over the odds for the "thing", the only question is whether Nat West or these bankers should have got what share of the loot.

Why, then are the American cops after these men? You may well ask. I think that the Americans want to demonstrate that they are CLEANING UP THEIR ACT after the scandal of lots of people losing their jobs and lots more losing their savings because the Enron board were CHEATING. And the Nat West Three ended up with some of Enron's money. Not nearly so much money as the American's Monkey-in-Chief, of course. But enough for the American cops to want to make a show trial out of them.

It is clear that two things need to be done.

Firstly, the extradition treaty with the Americans needs to be CHANGED so that the same set of rules apply to both sides. It is only right that the Americans should show that a crime has been committed in America if they want to take someone from this country to face their electric bingo lottery of a legal system ESPECIALLY since they would not let out happen the other way around. British people should have THE SAME rights as American people.

And secondly, the Monkey-in-Chief should be arrested and put on trial first!

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