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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Day 2023: Yo, Blair!


Lord Blairimort has been overheard chatting with the shaved chimpanzee that Darth Cheney, President of America, keeps around to make him look good.

I think this is mostly a BLOW for Lord Blairimort's RESPECT agenda.

Short of wearing a HOODIE, the Monkey-in-Chief could not have been more disrespectful, and this is a shame.

Obviously, his full title of His Self-Anointed Grace, Lord Blairimort, Order of the Lame Duck, Chamber of Secret Dossiers, Stoned Philosopher and, by the Grace of God, Half Prince of I-See-No-Blood-on-My-Hands is a bit of a MOUTHFUL to use every time, but even so, it is regrettable that Mr Monkey cannot even bring himself to use the short form of "Mr Blair". Or if he's being FAMILIAR "Yo, TONY!"

Calling him: "Blair" makes Her Majesty's Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland sound like a FAG at a minor PUBLIC SCHOOL – being sent to do the fetching and carrying and generally treated like a footstool. Which, come to think of it, might be something Lord Blairimort is used to.

It is bad enough that America has no respect for us any more. But you would have thought that we could have kept a LITTLE BIT of respect for ourselves!

I think it would help if people tried to remember to use the proper honorifics when saying other people's names.

It may be that this all goes back to the time when Lady Thatcher was called Mrs Thatcher had she both Mr Balloon's job AND Lord Blairimort's job. Back then, the right-on new comedians – and a lot of suddenly unemployed people – started referring to her in conversation without her "Mrs" (no, not Denis, her title). This was down to it being easier to express their EXTREME CROSSNESS that way.

Unfortunately, it has become quite normal to refer to all politicians, indeed almost everyone in the news in this way. It is no wonder that young people do not learn to respect each other if older people do not show each other respect either.

It may be very old fashioned of me, but I prefer to call even people like Lady Thatcher "LADY Thatcher" and Mr Balloon "MR Balloon" and Lord Blairimort "LORD Blairimort" and Mr Frown "MR Frown".

I might sometimes get confused about people's names but I try to remember to do it respectfully.

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