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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Day 2007: Millennium the Chef


Daddy Alex has written a recipe, so I have decided to make it!

First gather your ingredients…

One quick whisk later!

Serve by either

  • sticking your whole head in the bowl and slurping

  • sucking up as much as you can with your nose and spraying it at Daddy. This is more fun, but less tasty

You will need a Daddy to spin dry you clean afterwards.


1 comment:

Alex Wilcock said...

Well done on your cheffery, Millennium.

Readers might like to know that the teeny teaspoonfuls of dessert Daddy Richard and I were left with after Millennium sprayed the rest around the kitchen were delicious, and very slimming.

Readers should also note that the ideal quantities to use of cream and yoghurt are as shown, though you needn't use an entire packet of icing sugar (it'll do, ooh, two lots).

Millennium also knows that only one punnet of strawberries is to go into the yoghurt, while the other is to throw at his Daddies, with hilarious results.