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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Day 2677: GO TO THE POLLS!


This is NOT about all the migrant plumbers who are now all heading home because the weak pound means it is no longer worth their while putting up with our grey weather, high cost of living, poor provision of services and generally snippy attitude, especially when they can get a warmer reception in warmer parts of Europe where the Euro is holding its value thank you very much. Obviously this means the British economy will collapse from lack of willing labour… bet you're feeling VERY smart now, UKIP!

No, this is a call to go out there and VOTE, vote for your local Liberal Democrats and especially go and vote for Mr Brian in London. Even if you don’t live in London, come and cheer him on!

All of the Party Leaders have been out on the campaign trail, showing off their TIES.

Mr Frown's is PURPLE, the colour of Mr Mayor Ken's campaign… and, judging by the manifesto booklet, almost everyone else's. Perhaps it is LUCKY. Mr Balloon has a sombre RED tie, in keeping with his new Labour Conservatory personality, no doubt. While Mr Clogg's is bright shiny blue, meaning either blue skies of freedom and fresh new ideas… or that he's not afraid of people thinking he's a Conservatory!

People are saying that a win for Suicide Boris will be a NAIL in the COFFIN of Mr Frown; while a win for Mr Ken will DERAIL the SUNSHINE-EXPRESS of Mr Balloon.

It is IRONIC that the one election in the country where you GET to show who you think is second best and the media has conspired to make it a TWO-HORSE RACE: one OLD NAG versus an ASS.

Personally, I know I want Mr Brian in preference to either of them… and I do not think that Daddy will be able to bring himself to give a second preference.

If there IS one thing that might drive my Daddy back into giving a second preference to Mr Ken, then it's the BRAYING and BOASTING of the Conservatory hunting pack on, foaming at the mouths over the prospect of the latest and last opinion poll.

London has seen a perfectly DREADFUL campaign… not from ANY of the political parties, but from the London Evening Standard, from the Daily Hate Mail stable, which has backed Suicide Boris to the hilt as part of their VENDETTA against Mr Mayor Ken.

(And we all know that if Bozza had IMPLODED they would have backed Mr Brian instead without a blink of hesitation.)

They've used YouGov polls to try and drive a pro-Boris agenda, pushing the suggestion that he has unstoppable momentum. I'm already PRETTY dubious about YouGov's methodology, mainly from the way that they CONSISTENTLY give Liberal Democrats lower and Conservatories higher ratings right up to election campaigns where they MYSTERIOUSLY converge with other pollsters so no one can point at the outcome and say "well, obviously YouGov were MILES out"! But we also KNOW that these polls have asked people OUTSIDE of London (who wouldn't have to cope with the consequences of a "FUNNY" Boris Mayorship) to take part. I am sure that that can't be QUITE right!

Mr Mayor Ken is BAD, but Mr Boris is a TOOL… a tool of someone MUCH MORE BAD, a newspaper using its effective monopoly and unaccountable power to manipulate the election.

So go and vote, but REMEMBER you can vote with your HEART first… 'cos you've got that BACK-UP vote as well, and if you BELIEVE that it's a two horse race you can use THAT to pick the one who least gets your BACK UP.

Use your FIRST PREFERENCE to prove YouGov WRONG: send the Evening Standard a proper message: a message that London is DIVERSE and BROAD-MINDED and has LOTS and LOTS of opinions and WON'T be dictated to by them!

And if you think that pigs will fly before the Liberal Democrats win in London, just you remember… pigs CAN fly!

Remember… a Boris is for life not just for Christmas Panto; Mr Ken is not regulated by Lee Jasper, your investment can go down the drain as well as up in smoke.


Jennie Rigg said...

They haven't converged with other pollsters this time, oh fluffy one. They've diverged. Only time will tell, I guess, as to whether or not they'll be accurate, but they have been the most accurate for the mayoral contest before.

John B said...

No, today's ES poll will cut the lead margin to 6%. If, as is likely, Boris wins by about 2%, then YouGov will get away with it...