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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 2683: The Vice of the Clintons


No, no, no, this is NOTHING to do with her HUSBAND; this is the question of whether Senator Hillary-Billary is now willing to settle for being Barry O's Vice-President, and if that is why she is staying IN the contest which she has very probably lost by now.

The BIG WIN for Barry O in North Carolina and only a narrow victory for Hillary-Billary in Indiana put a great big stopper in her resurgent tide and, more importantly, made the money dry up and super-delegates declare for Barry O, turning him back into Barry MO (…for MOmentum, you see!)

Even though Hillary-Billary vowed to continue the fight, people were already noticing that she had toned down the anti-Obama rhetoric, and was positively CONCILIATORY to the young Dumbocratic super-star.

(Always remembering that Hillary-Billary is a lady who thinks "marriage guidance counselling" means punching Billary-Hillary in the head until he can't remember his latest infidelity.)

She's going to get another mini-boost from a win in the West Virginia Primary, but not enough to take off again, much less reach the stratosphere where Barry O is comfortably cruising.

But she will once again make the case that only she can reach out to the blue-collar voters that other Dumbocrats can't reach. But do you think that that's starting to sound more like an appeal that "You need me ON SIDE" rather than "You need me AS CANDIDATE"?

(Some people are also pointing to the SUPERSTITION that whoever wins the West Virginia Primary always becomes candidate. Well, gee, when they come nearly LAST it's not difficult to see how THAT could happen. Plus, not good territory for a Clinton: Mr Billary-Hillary famously BROKE the superstition that whoever won in the New Hampshire Primary became President!)

The BIG question is whether – in the interest of the Party – she'll drop the threat to make a HUGE STEAMING MESS of the Convention by taking them to COURT over the Florida and Michigan delegates who got themselves disqualified by holding their primaries too soon. Hillary-Billary vowed to get them seated – but maybe a deal where she conceded to Barry O in return for them being let in without a RUCKUS would be the best solution all round.

Although they would add hugely to Hillary-Billary's total, they wouldn't put her in the lead, and indeed almost certainly she can’t win even WITH them – plus Barry O chose to not even be on those unlawful ballots, so there's a bit of a question mark over how many of those delegates she genuinely picked up on merit. I’m not sure; I think he chose not to be in Michigan, but was there in Florida. Have to check. But either way, he didn’t campaign.

A couple of terms as Vice President might not be as good as going directly to Pennsylvania Avenue, but it's better than a slap in the face with a wet electorate. And it would give her the opportunity both to reassess what was right and wrong in this year's campaign, AND to show a kinder face to Americaland.

Mr God Bless Amnesia!

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