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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Day 2682: Ironing Man


You know, I just BET that Lord Woolfie's list of ETHICAL recommendations for Weapons Manufacturer BAe does NOT include building a bionic suit of armour and using it to go around the world blowing up all of their weapons that have fallen into the hands of BAD PEOPLE.

It is, incidentally a GREAT, if SLIGHTLY ultra-right-wing, popcorn movie, largely hanging on the performance of Mr Robert Downey Junior as self-indulgent alcohol-dependent billionaire playboy Robert Downey Junior. Er.

It's also a great Mickey-extraction of DC's two biggest names, with the genius-vigilante-who-builds-his-own-superhero-kit inside of the Man of Steel Iron.

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a radical writes said...

seen it twice myself, found it pretty good too, can't wait for the next batman. if you want something else to see go watch Persepolis, that was pretty brilliant and not quite so right wing.