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Monday, December 31, 2007

Day 2553: Four Lib Dem Leaders


Is anyone else getting tired of the "third leader in two years" meme?

Mr Clogg, continuing the work of Captain Paddy, Mr Cheeky Charlie and Sir Mr the Merciless, is obviously the FOURTH elected Liberal Democrat Leader since the party was FOUNDED in 1988.

In that time, the Labour have had, er, FOUR leaders: Mr Kinnock-knock, Saint John of Smith, Lord Blairimort and of course Prime Monster Frown.

In that time, the Conservatories have actually had SIX leaders: Queen Maggie, Mr Major Minor, Mr Vague, Mr Ian Drunken-Swerve, Mr Something-of-the-Night and now Mr Balloon.

So we know who're worst at keeping their head, don't we.

Also, slight suggestion to Mr Something-of-the-Night: if you truly think that the Liberal Democrats are always trying to be all things to all people – as you repeated in the political review of the year show on Saturday morning – what does that mean you think of your successor and party leader Mr Balloon who is just GAGGING to have a "progressive consensus" with us? Do you think he's a wannabe all-things-to-all-people or just a SUCKER?

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Linda Jack said...

Go kick ass Millennium! You are so right, but who will listen.........