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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Day 2545: Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady…


Continuing his efforts to be GENDER BALANCE to the FORCE by eliminating all of the Jedi… er… Mr James "Anakin" Graham has tagged me with an MEME.

Mr Anakin also expresses some DOUBT as to MY fluffy gender. Honestly, young master padwan: James Bond, DVDs and Cars – how many CLUES do you NEED!?!?!?

It says here that I have to encourage everyone to go and nonimate bloggers on the Gender Balance Awards page. GO! Nonimate! Right, done that.

Now I have to nonimate three lady bloggers myself. Well THAT is EASY – how can I nonimate anyone OTHER than my EXCELLENT cohorts from our interview panels?

So, first, Ms Mary who is not only bright and charming but also has the most gumption of all of us, being the one who got out there and got elected. And also also has the support of an ELEPHANT of her very own, whose name is ETHELRED – and HE has a special badge just like me!

Second, the loverly Ms Alix, regent to the People's Republic of Mortimer who's natural whimsy and graceful off-kilter stance CUNNINGLY conceal a keen and insightful analysis. Plus, she likes CUDDLES!

And third, obviously in the interest of BALANCE, Mr James himself. Doubt MY gender will you, lady?

Though if I'm doing this properly, obviously Ms Linda wins that third nonimation for vim, vigour and vitality. Also, there are not many people who are big enough to take even the kindest meant of constructive criticism; Ms Linda DID, becoming MUCH more positive in the second half of the Leadership contest. Good for her!

It seems I'm also supposed to name three ladies I should like to see blogging. That is QUITE tricky, but I think I must settle on Mrs the Queen (One's YouTube account does not count, your Britanic Madge); Fenella Ffiorag from Chorlton and the Wheelies; and Ms Alisha Dixon if only to see if she will be dancing with Mr Vince again nest year!


Alix said...

[bestows cuddle]

Jennie Rigg said...

"James Bond, DVDs and Cars – how many CLUES do you NEED!?!?!?"

I like all those things, and I'm a girl. My friend Charlene, who I met through Top Gear fandom, also likes all those things, and she's DEFINITELY a girl.

I therefore think you must be a girl too, since you like these clearly girly things. I think all that referring to you as "he" that your daddies do is just to throw us off the scent.