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Monday, December 31, 2007

Day 2540: Mr Balloon Makes Us an Offer we CAN refuse


When Darth Vader chops your fluffy foot off and then says: "Luke, I AM a Liberal Conservatory!" then, OF COURSE you're going to look at this a little ASKANCE.

Likewise, when the considerably-less-butch-than-Darth-Vader Mr Balloon asserts that he wants us to "join him and rule the galaxy together", we are going to start counting out fluffy feet!

Well done to Mr Cheeky Charlie Kennedy for rejecting the offer of a pact with the DARK SIDE!

Here is a thought Mr Balloon: for the last thirty years the Liberal Democrats have been the "leading voice in British politics for an exciting agenda of decentralisation and political reform"; perhaps we don't WANT to play follow-my-leader to the Conservatories! If you REALLY believe that Political Parties "should work together in those areas where they agree" then you would admit to where YOU agree with US.

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