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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Day 2385: The BBC, An Apology


It was quite WRONG and very MISLEADING, especially for an organisation in which we place so much TRUST, for the BBC to re-edit their footage so that her RADIANT and CELESTIAL Majesty, Mrs the Queen was made to look like a GRUMPY OLD WOMAN storming out of a photo session.

The TRUTH was so very DIFFERENT, and the BBC were forced to admit that Mrs the Queen was REALLY a GRUMPY OLD WOMAN storming INTO a photo session.

I realise that no one could fail to be MORALLY WOUNDED by this UTTER BETRAYAL, and can only APOLOGISE and hope that you forget all about it!

Actually, the question I really want answering is: “have the Sun Newspaper also issued a grovelling apology?”

After all, although this is supposed to have EMBARRASSED Mrs the Queen, really the only reason she IS embarrassed is because EVERYONE FOUND OUT about her strop thanks to the Scum printing it as a full page SPLASH in order to, basically, steal the BBC’s story.

Now it really was wrong of the editors at the BBC to change the story by putting things in the wrong order and exaggerating the events, indeed making it look like much more than it really was.

But what was the Scum’s excuse for not doing proper journalism? After all, if they HAD done it properly, they would have asked Mrs the Queen what HER SIDE of the story was before rushing into print, and the whole thing could have been dealt with privately without embarrassment.

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