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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Day 2377: Mr Jonny on Questionable Time…


…didn’t happen. So here’s one he prepared earlier!

It was a HUGE SHAME he did not make the show. In the first place, we are big, big fans and were looking forward to seeing him and in the second place they could have done with a LIBERAL on the panel.

It is always pretty infuriating when the grown up Questionable Time producers FORGET that there is a third major party in British politics or (EVEN WORSE) think that we are INTERCHANGEABLE with the Eco-Stalinist Named-After-A-Colour Party. When it is the officially designated “young people” producers who forget us, it is DOWNRIGHT DEPRESSING.

“Kids today, eh!” as depressing Mr Nigel Kneale would say.

It’s even more sad when you know that they DID want swivel-eyed right-wingers like barking mad neo-con artist Mr Douglas Murray-Mint; gay-daddy-hating Conservatory beneficiary of Mr Balloon’s patronage, Ms Sayeeda Warsi (NOT an MP, whatever the Questionable Time website might say, and bottled out of ever becoming one); and Mr Millipede Minor who we decided looks less like his more famous but weirder-looking brother, Mr Millipede, and more like that other famous irritating younger brother Scrappy-Doo.

Oh, and they also had Ms Davina McCall-Centre, who was a bit liberal on some answers, but even SHE works for BIG BROTHER. (Unlike Mr Murray-Mint, though, she works for the Endemol one and not the George Orwell one; you can decide for yourself which one is worse.)

So instead of Mr Jonny we got Mr Charlie Bell, an enthusiastic if somewhat anaemic looking young person with wild hair and eyes. Still, his answers were generally quite good, if perhaps a bit more “right on” than properly Liberal.

Actually, though, the NUTTIEST answer of the evening came from Mr Millipede Minor and it was on tuition fees. The question – probably predictably for an audience of “we’re about to go to university”-year-olds – was “Gordon Brown has promised to listen to the people, so isn't it time he listened to the vast majority of university students and abandoned tuition fees?” And Mr Millipede Minor’s answers was “No, we would be better off putting the money into schools education.”

Why is this NUTTY?

Well, because Mr Millipede Minor’s BOSS and his government have based their ENTIRE ECONOMIC STRATEGY on Britain being a high skills, high-tech, primarily “white-collar” workforce. Basically, a workforce who, in general, come with a high DEGREE of education and training.

Saying, we’re only going to fund our plan up to A-levels and then you’re on your own is like saying “I’m going to drive to Sedgefield, but I’ll only put in enough petrol to get to York and after that is up to the car to fund its own way.” One is LIKELY to come to a JUDDERING STOP!

Questionable Time returns in September.

(This is presumably to give Mr David Dimbledonkey time to record another series of “What I Did on My Holidays” “How We Built Britain”.)

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