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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Day 2380: Millennium at the By-Election


My daddies have taken me to my first Liberal Democrat By-election, in Ealing Southall.

Vote Elephant!
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We met lots of famous Liberal Democrats – Mr Theo, Lord Rennard, Ms Linda, Mr Power Cable, Mr Theo – and I was a BIG HIT! I even got to shake the hand of a VERY SPECIAL person... Mr Nigel, the NEXT MP for Ealing!

This is SURE to get me on the list for the elected House of Lords Club, so I have checked out my PECULIAR ARISTOCRATIC TITLE.

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
His Most Noble Lord Millennium the Elephantine of New Porton Wells
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

And I have to say that that's JOLLY CLEVER!

Here are some pictures of our day:

"How will we find the place?" asks Daddy Richard. "It's just a big orange circle on the map."

"It's a big orange circle on the ground, too," says Daddy Alex. "Look!"

Look! Liberal Democrats!
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But we are soon on the case...

Dream Team!
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Elephant HQ!
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...and we meet up with an old young friend...

Mr Theo!
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...then we go to the front desk to sign in...

warm (orange) reception
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in the book!
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...and meet some more FAMOUS people...

Hello Linda!

...before we get down to doing some WORK...

fold the leaflets
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pack the leaflets
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OBVIOUSLY, the Stuffed Elephant is put in charge of stuffing envelopes.

I am even given an EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT...

I'm the boss!
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All goes well until we find an envelope addressed to a Mr Grant Mishapps and that Pink Dog attempts to stage a DEFECTION!

Get out of there, you LILAC LOONY!
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With my VERY junior sidekick grounded by Mr Pax for more House Training, it is time for us to get back on the CAMPAIGN TRAIL.

Bye bye!
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This has been my five-hundredth diary, brought to you by the miracle of the Liberal Democrat By-Election Team.

Published and Promoted by Daddy Richard (and blogger!) on behalf of me, Millennium Dome, of my flat, London, E14.

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