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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Day 2373: out of Jail Free Get


We interrupt this diary with the joyful news that the BBC’s news correspondent in Gaza, Mr Alan Johnston, has been released from his captivity. This is incredibly happy making.

Being locked away in a small box, never knowing what your fate might be must be VERY HORRID!

Perhaps that is why the Monkey-in-Chief has spared Mr Scooter the Perjurer from going to gaol.

Now be fair, like us the Americans already send FAIR TOO MANY people to prison anyway and it does not do them a lot of good. And it is not like Mr Scooter is actually DANGEROUS to anyone. Well, not to anyone who isn’t an American spy who might get murdered if her identity is revealed so that Darth Cheney a completely mysterious person can score a cheep point off her husband…

But some people have said that this interference with the judicial process is a BETRAYAL of the Monkey's main policy platform of politicians not interfering with the judicial process…

…but fortunately one of his reprehensatives on Earp (as he would say) was on the The Today show to explain.

"Mr the Monkey DOES believe in not interfering and if you look at his record you will see that he has very, very rarely interfered. Only when one of his friends needs it, in fact."

So I am GLAD that that has been cleared up!

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