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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Day 2246: Sir Mr the Merciless in Naughty Anniversary Shock!


I hope THAT got your attention!

I've been writing my diary for one whole year now.

I have learned many things.

I've learned the definition of the words VACUOUS and BALLOON, and the words MENDACIOUS and BLAIRIMORT. And IRONY.

And I've learned that the best way to get to the top of the Lib Dem Blogregator is to mention Sir Mr the Merciless AND/OR something smutty in your title.

(Daddy says I should look up the word CUNNING!)

Because what I REALLY want you to read is this:


I have said several times that we need to have some BETTER ANSWERS.

So, I have put all of my fluffy brainpower into coming up with some suggestions, things that I think would be JOLLY GOOD IDEAS.

But I am NOT SURE. After all, I am only a fluffy soft toy and NOT on the Federal Policy Committee (unlike certain Daddies I could mention).

My idea is to come up with some actual "to do" things – not vague woolly feel-good aspirations like Mr Balloon, and not target-setting nannying like Lord Blairimort. Just things to say: "we would like to go out and do this".

I do not think that we could do ALL of them: they are probably lots too expensive. And I may have got some things WRONG or forgotten something REALLY IMPORTANT.

Please, please tell me.

(But please do not be too harsh or you may make Daddy Richard CRY!)

The Liberal Democrats exist to build a free, fair and open society… in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

Your government should only be there to serve you. We exist only at your sufferance and neither you nor we should ever forget that. Our job is to do only the things you need and leave you free to live your life for yourself.

    You need – food, shelter, warmth
  1. Green Power: it's the future
  2. More Houses and Better Houses

  3. You need – security: protection from ill-health; from poverty; from crime

  4. A health check at the doctor's and an appointment you can get to
  5. Reduce the levels of debt
  6. Police Stations: Keep them open all night
  7. End the War on Terror

  8. You need – your family

  9. Raise the minimum wage so working families aren't on benefits (and cut taxes on business in return)
  10. Just STOP telling people how to live their lives

  11. You need – to be trusted

  12. Lower Taxes, you should decide how you spend your money
  13. Fewer Laws: you don't need us to make something else illegal every single day
  14. No I.D.iot cards!

  15. You need – to be the best you can be

  16. Everyone deserves a free education
  17. Let's Build Rocket Ships


Tristan said...

1) So long as it is green (and not just power stations painted green...)

2) But the government shouldn't build them. We should let people build them and encourage good use of land (LVT :) )

4) How do we reduce the levels of debt? Lower taxes would help I suppose.

6) Yes! Lets talk about why people do it and how we can stop them, but WoT isn't about that.

7) sounds nice but it will hurt the lowest skilled (especially teenagers) by pricing them out of the job market :(

8) *nods* I agree 100% :)

9, 10, 11) More enthusiastic nodding (people are now looking at me strangely)

12) Until 18 anyway... (but not mandatory after 16)

13) Can I have a jet-pack?

(Oh dear, just as your daddy once told me, I'm being hyper-critical aren't I? Oops)

Millennium Dome said...

Thank you, Mr Tristan – your comments are very welcome and NOT hyper-critical AT ALL!

You are QUITE RIGHT that No. 4 is NOT GOOD ENOUGH! We need a PLAN to get debt down: it is tricky, because we cannot go round saying "you can't spend money on things!" to people. But Mr Power Cable is always worrying about how much the economy relies on personal debt (which IS a bit risky) and being in debt makes people's lives worse, giving them STRESS and making them feel trapped.

I am not so sure about the difficulties of raising the minimum wage. People said that it would price people out of the market when it was introduced and I do not think that that has happened. Also, I thought that we could stop that being a burden on business if we REDUCE the employer's National Insurance AT THE SAME TIME. Daddy Richard calls that a hidden tax on employing people.

Your jet-pack is in the post!

MM xx