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Friday, February 23, 2007

Day 2245: Look Out Behind You!


A WARNING: If you do CANNABIS and COCAINE you will end up like HIM!

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Hug a Hoodie? For once, Mr Jonny doesn't think so!

Speaking of people whose threat to Mr Balloon may be a touch EXAGGERATED, I notice that Mr Farrago and his UKPnuts are back in the news.

This week they are in danger of joining the Labour and Conservatories in BANKRUPTCY!

Clearly this is behind their decision to become the PNuts Party – they are having to SELL OFF the other letters!

This edition of Sesame Nut Street is brought to you by the letters "U" and "K" and by the number "367,697".

It seems that they made a bit of an ELEMENTARY BLUNDER in checking out one of their donors.

Farrago: "We believe that only the people of the United Kingdom are fit to decide on the destiny of our Great Island Story! Are you of the United Kingdom?"

Donor: "Errr…"

Farrago: "Oh never mind that then, sign here."

In fact, the man in question, Mr Alan Brown, probably WAS a UK resident for the year in question and just forgot to fill in the form making sure he was on the Electoral Register. Making the UKPnuts pay back the money seems a bit EXCESSIVELY HARSH. They should get the rap-on-the-knuckles fine for not filing the proper paperwork and be made to come up with some decent evidence that their man WOULD have qualified to be on the register if he hadn't forgotten. (Like he wasn't doing a tax-exile thing or anything; spending a year French for tax reasons, say.)

We can hardly punish UKPnuts just because one of their donors is a bit SCATTERBRAINED! Who would they have left?!

Mind you, Mr James has some compelling reasons for not not having a good laugh at them.

It would seem that BROWN is a REALLY UNLUCKY name for anyone to do with party FINANCE. Lucky for the Labour that their Chancellor is called Mr FROWN, then, isn't it!

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