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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Day 2241: He was for Rumsfeld before he was against him


Senator John Oven-Chip (Replutocrat, Arid-zone-a) has come out strongly in favour of things that that the American electorate LIKE and stated his firm opposition to whatever it is they DON'T LIKE.

This is BOUND to win him the Presidency in 2008!

Unfortunately, it turns out that Mr Oven-Chip's BEST MATE, the Monkey-in-Chief, is TOP of the list of things that the American people DO NOT LIKE. Still, that's no problem for an operator as SKILFUL as Mr Oven-Chip, oh no!

Just because he said that sacked Defence Secretary Mr Donald Rumsfailed was due RESPECT and GRATITUDE does not mean that there is any CONTRADICTION in saying that sacked Defence Secretary Mr Donald Rumsfailed was one of the WORST in HISTORY.

We can all respect a man who – when he needs to – is willing and able to turn on his allies and trash his own reputation for consistency and staunch support.


Is this nimble soft-shoe shuffle down to his FOOTWEAR? Surely not FLIP-FLOPS?

I am SURE that Mr Oven-Chip can rely entirely on the support of the Monkey-in-Chief to see him though his difficulties. It is not like the Monkey would come up with his top five reasons why Senator Oven-Chip is UNFIT TO BE PRESIDENT.

Okay, maybe not AGAIN.

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