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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 3401: Memo to the Labour Party - We Hate You Too


For four hundred years, Great Britain has had a Liberal Party that exists to set people free from arbitrary power of kings and churches and vested interests. And for the same time there has been a Conservatory Party that exists to try and hold on to power for those same interests.

Then along came Hard Labour.

The Conservatories are wrong and we will oppose them always. But Labour are an insane aberration, an authoritarian elite that believe absolutely that what they are doing is not just RIGHT but FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, and so they will NEVER, EVER STOP.

Labour hates and fears Liberals. When they were weak and we were strong they hated and resented and envied our power; when they got strong and we were weak they hated and feared us for the betrayal they had done.

One thing Labour has never realised, though, is that we HATE them right back.

Let's get one thing completely clear: this "left-liberal" nonsense is just that... NONSENSE. Liberal is NOT an outpost of the "left". The "left" is an outpost of the Labservatives. Liberals are totally opposed to that sort of centralising, authoritarian, nannying dogma.

We see the Hopeless Secretary, Mr Alan Johnson & Johnson, on this weekend's Politics Show, playing the affable, kindly father-of-the-nation-in-waiting, telling us how he's always favoured proportional representation.


He favours AV+ and with the greatest respect to Uncle Woy, it's a GHASTLY system, retaining all the worst of the safe seats for life of the existing system, making them safer by the exaggerating effect of AV and THEN adding SUPER-SAFE seats which are the ones on the Party List which no one votes in and so no one can ever, ever vote out.

Mr Johnson & Johnson's no more tears formula is to support a form of PR for entirely TACTICAL reasons, because he thinks that it will install a Hard Labour HEGEMONY forever, with them in permanent charge and the Liberal Democrats as their natural whipping boys.

It is the attitude of the abusive partner to the battered spouse: you've got no choice, love, you've got to stick with me.

Their whole attitude is stuck in the 1950's. And if you don't believe that, just look at their manifesto cover.

Asked: I'm a Labour voter in a Lib Dem/Tory marginal, should I vote Lib Dem to keep the Tory out? He replies: it would be easier to answer if you were a Lib Dem voter is a Labour/Tory marginal.

This is SUCH a DISHONEST answer. Yes, yes of COURSE it would be EASIER for the Labour Hopeless Secretary to say vote Labour. Colour me SO NOT STUNNED.

It would be EASIER in a SAFE Labour seat to say "vote Hard Labour 'cos no other vote counts and we're going to ignore you anyway" but he's not going to say THAT either!

He WANTS to say he wants people to vote Labour EVERYWHERE. But he knows that saying that will actually REDUCE the number (if there are any left) of people who would prefer to vote Lib Dem, but will vote Labour tactically.

But if you won't answer the question, then you REALLY don't deserve ANYBODY to lend you their votes, let alone people who would rather vote for another Party.

Me? Oh, I say EVERYONE should vote Liberal Democrat, because the more votes we get everywhere, the more clear it will be just how BROKEN and CORRUPT our electoral system has become.

He goes on to policing and immigration - and yes, I realise that Liberal Democrat immigration policy could be a dandy bit more, well, Liberal, though I start to think that the "firm but fair" rhetoric is there as covering fire for the "there's good immigration as well as bad immigration" line - but Mr Johnson & Johnson starts out by saying that ASYLUM claims are right down. ASYLUM, that's people looking to escape from horrible terrible danger, and as usual here's a Hard Labour politician equating that with BAD. And he complains that there's been a huge rise in asylum seekers in the last decade. Really, Mr Hopeless Secretary? And can you think of any geo-political event of the last ten years that might have caused such a huge rise? Anything at all?

It's just the sense of ENTITLEMENT that sends me NUTS: there he sits, the Hopeless Secretary, knowing, KNOWING that his Party isn't just going to LOSE but quite probably to come THIRD, but still with the secret smile of a man who EXPECTS that he'll still have his fat bottom behind a Whitehall desk in a fortnight because we just HAVE to fall into line as junior partners.

Well, news for you, Mr Johnson & Johnson: Captain Clegg thinks it would be PREPOSTEROUS for your boss to be loitering in Number 10 if your lot come third and I reckon it'd be pretty PREPOSTEROUS for you to be loitering in Whitehall under the circumstance too, what with the HEART of Liberal Democrat policy being a FREEDOM BILL to undo all of the, pardon my language, do do that you have made into laws. So you better start thinking again.

Honestly, I really REALLY don't want to see Mr Balloon as Prime Monster, but when this smug, repellent, arrogant... GIT is on the telly, I start to think it might be a price worth paying to get rid of this sort of person. At least until I see Mr Balloon's puff-pasty face again, anyway.

Everyone knows that Liberals and Conservatories will oppose each other forever.

So can we PLEASE get on with Killing the Labour Party so that we can get back to the REAL business of defeating the Privileged Party of Vested Interest and Status Quo.



Andrew Hickey said...

Personally, I don't want us to have anything to do with supporting either of them. I could see it making sense for us to support some sort of deal with Labour were they to get rid of all their front bench, but that's never happening. On the other hand the Tories are just repulsive and I can't see any situation where it could ever make sense to support them.
A plague on both their houses. Let the war criminals and the idiot sons of privilege go into coalition with each other. They deserve each other.

Bernard Salmon said...

If anyone wants an illustration as to why you're correct, just refer them to Mr Balls-up's interview on Channel 4 News this evening - I shouted 'F*** off' at the screen at least five times as he misrepresented and lied about both Lib Dem and Tory policies, and coalitions and hung parliaments.

Jennie Rigg said...

I love you. This post is fabulous, and just goes to prove what a clever little fluffy elephant you are.

Cassandra Vert said...

I'm a U.S. friend of Jennie. We got to see your second Leaders debate live. While there was a huge personality difference between Cameron (has one) and Brown (nil), their positions seemed not that far apart--at least compared to Clegg. I voted for Obama, and I'd love to see Clegg join him on the international stage. I thought a black man with relatively little political experience could never get elected here, but look where we are now!

Verdancy said...

Your point about hard labour being opposed to liberalism is so obvious, the fact you felt the need to say it is somewhat worrying. Surely if you understand our position at all you see that those of us on the left hate you, apologists for capitalism, almost as much as we hate new labour and the conservatives.

To the extent that any socialists have thrown their lot in with the lib dems, it's either because we think keynesianism capitalism is less awful than thatcherism, or because we support electoral reform. Who is it who's trying to tell you we're on the same side!?

I mean, I understand why you lump hard labour and the conservatives together: you think of the establishment as the government and it's tentacles. But surely you see that those of us who think of the establishment as corporations, and the government as it's spear-carrier and occasional turncoat, do the same for you and the conservatives.

Liberalism has always been the enemy of socialism, if the Blairites are making overtures at you, isn't that because they aren't socialists anymore, rather than because they see liberalism as training-wheels democratic socialism?