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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 3390: General Election Campaign Day Nine – Mr Balloon is Frit, Frit, Frit!


Who's afraid of the Big Bad Paxo?

Ironically, it turns out that it is Conservatory PR whizz, Mr Balloon, who is a BIG STREAK OF YELLOW as the news breaks that he has chickened out of facing the grand inquisitor.

As Count Pacula asks:
"if he won't stand up to Paxman, how can he stand up to Putin?"
Liberal Democrat Leader, Captain Clegg, had NO HESITATION in accepting the challenge of facing off against Britain's most formidable sneer, and was judged to have come off well, standing up to bruising questioning, and taking his chance to present our principles.

Or, as one wag tweeted it on Twitter:
"Captian Clegg uses the opportunity to speak as Mr Paxo chokes to death on his own smugness for five minutes"
He was very good at mentioning our four principles and defending attacks on health, immigration and taxation policy. More important, he was honest and straightforward. And answered the "Hung Parliament" question without becoming evasive, but instead insisting that first it's up to the voters to decide and after that there is a case for politicians to come together to tackle the financial crisis.

Continuing with the very positive responses to Captain Clegg's interview, glowing reviews have been received from Mr Former Lady Deputy Mayor Stephen Tall (of this parish) on Lib Dem Voice, Mr Lord Bonkers of Liberal Englandland, Mr Mark Reckons, head of the BBC, Mr Futility Monster and even grudging respect from Hard Labour aligned Next Left, while Mr Lib Dan has some examples of leaders of other Parties who do not have, shall we say, Captain Clegg's adroit touch.

There was more good coverage from the ITV profile broadcast on Tuesday evening, and our manifesto launch this morning was also a big hit, with Captain Clegg giving a confident and informed performance from the podium.

Ah yes, the Liberal Democrat Manifesto Launch… did somebody mention ELEPHANTS!!!

After Mr Frown's Mao-inspired nuclear-families-for-a-nuclear-future handbook…

Sample quote:
"let us go forward together into a future fair for five more years of tractor building"
…and Mr Balloon's Victorian Prayer Book…

Sample quote:
"Our Father, who art in government, give us this day someone to run the public services for us, and forgive us for giving a whopping tax cut to our millionaire chums, because you know we'll forgive ourselves, forever and ever, ee-ton"
…it was nice to have a manifesto with some simple, straightforward policies on the front! Especially one that garnered praise from the Times for basing policy on the science and from the Grauniad for leading on Liberty.

And it's the only manifesto to be FULLY COSTED!

We won't say ANYTHING we CANNOT AFFORD if we are in Government, so you know you CAN afford to have us in Government because we mean what we say!

If the two old Labservative Parties try to say our figures don't add up, you can look for yourself and see that they do!

You cannot see THEIR figures! Why not?

As Daddy Alex asks:
"Are they scared, or have they too much to hide?"
But don't just listen to me, DO go look for yourself!

Adding it all together, there's a growing "quiet confidence" at Lib Dem HQ – under my fluffy guidance, of course – that he's going to perform just as well in the big Live Debate on Thursday.

And to anyone who says Captain Clegg is merely Mr Balloon-lite: only one of them has the courage to face Mr Paxo… so which of them is the lightweight?


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