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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 3003: No, Minister McNumpty. It might not be ILLEGAL but it is WRONG


Don't you just get TIRED of hearing Hard Labour hacks and their APOLOGISTS trotting out the same old SPIN?

"Minister McNumpty has done nothing wrong. He followed the rules. He's done nothing wrong."

It must be a VERY strange state of affairs if things are only WRONG if they are ILLEGAL. After all, why have the Hard Labour Government been working like navvies to make more and more and more things illegal if they were not wrong BEFORE the Government MADE them illegal?

The reverse is ALSO true: just because it IS illegal, does not make it necessarily WRONG. For example, it USED to be illegal to be a gay daddy. Or a Catholic. Or take PROTESTING outside PARLIAMENT: some people – and at least one FLUFFY ELEPHANT! – would say that it is WRONG to make protesting illegal when these people are supposed to represent us and work for us and at the very least LISTEN to us.

RIGHT and WRONG are questions of MORAL balance. We have to make up our minds about them and if we are good fluffy elephants/monkey-people try to do RIGHT.

I think that most ORDINARY people would say that taking the SALARY OF A JUNIOR NURSE in return for NOTHING is on the WRONG side of the ethical equation.


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