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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Day 2740: Mr Balloon's Bear Trap; Mr Frown's FIB


Mr Balloon: "Will the prime minister confirm what he said on the 42 days vote, that no deals were done, no jobs were offered and no rewards were promised?"

Mr Frown: "Yes."

Mr Balloon: "Well what about this letter what the Torygraph did publish this morning from Mr Buff Hoon to Mr Vaz saying that he WOULD be 'appropriately rewarded'?"

It was a bit NAUGHTY for Mr Balloon to spring this on the Prime Monster. But, with the Torygraph publishing it on their website at 11.55am, it was, by five minutes, TRUE.

And what Mr Frown said was NOT.

This really, really leaves him with only two options:

One: Say that Mr Hoon mislead him and sack Mr Hoon.

Two: admit that he mislead the house and quit.

Frankly after the year HE'S had, I think that Mr Frown would be well advised to take the STUFF THE LOT OF YOU approach!

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