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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Day 2450: It’s about Freedom; It’s about Green Action


So here we all are, back in Brighton home of the LEGO SHOP for another Liberal Democrat Conference.

It almost seems BIZARRE to me that the newspaper and television coverage keeps asking the question “What are the Liberal Democrats for?” If any of them were paying any attention then it ought to be OBVIOUS.

Freedom to live: restoring Civil Liberties
Freedom to breathe: saving the Earth for the future
Freedom from poverty: making taxes and benefits fairer
Freedom to have your voice heard: returning power to the people

Do you detect a THEME developing?

Civil Liberties was the message of last night’s Conference Rally, where Sir Mr the Merciless’ guest was Ms Charming Chakrabati of Liberty

The centrepiece of our best ever GREEN AGENDA is “Zero Carbon Britain” – a really ambitious plan to make Great Britain carbon neutral by 2050.

Obviously, that doesn’t mean NO carbon at all – as Carbon Based Life Forms some of you might find that a bit difficult going! No, the plan is that Britain will use up as much Carbon Dioxide (by growing plants) as we put out by consumption.

This means a RADICAL look at out energy technologies, both big-scale generation like more wind and wave farms, and shifting cars away from the petrol engine, AND how we use electricity, which means more efficiency and more sharing in things like combined heat and power projects.

I could not be more excited about this paper. It does almost all of the green things that I have been saying and MOST IMPORTANTLY it says them in a positive and enthusiastic way.

Not only can we LEAD by example, but we can also LEARN new technologies and sell them to other people – BE the cheerleader; save the World!

Unfortunately, my Daddy Alex has been far too busy to keep up with his own diary. This is because last week he wrote a piece about a nice person call Mr Brilliant Paddock would make a good Mayor of London.

Next day, Mr Don Liberali’s men in trench coats came round again.

We has a message from the Don for Meester Brilliant,” they say and proceed to bundle up Daddy and take him away.

Well, thought I, that’s ANOTHER thousand Focuses to deliver, but no! In less than half an hour I get a phone call and it is Daddy Alex saying he is calling from a SECRET LOCATION (a.k.a. the Headquarters of Mr Paddock’s campaign) where he has been put in charge of THINKING.

So now Daddy has to rush round conference with nice Mr Paddock introducing him to everyone daddy knows. Which is everyone. So you can see that it is taking QUITE SOME TIME.

This meant that Daddy Alex had to miss seeing Sir Mr the Merciless and Ms Sandy Topsywig together in CABARET.

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