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Friday, September 14, 2007

Day 2443: Vicki Pollard versus God


We might call this theft of intellectual property but the church calls it breaking the Seventh Commandment!

A no-doubt very RIGHTEOUS religious organisation "Christian Publishing and Outreach" have decided to prove how DOWN WITH THE KIDS the LORD is these days by using popular catchphrases from today's top comedy stars, including DOCTOR WHO STAR Catherine Tate's "Am I bovvered" and "How Very Dare You", and other quotes from Matt Lucas and David Walliams of "Little Brittain".

TRAGICALLY, though, they appear to have not bovvered forgotten to ask the stars' permission before commercially exploiting their material at £25 a poster for a comic quip with matching Biblical passage.

Probably something like this…

And Lot did cry unto HEAVEN: "Oh LORD! Didst thou SMITE the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah?"

And the LORD did spake unto him saying

"Yeah but no but yeah but… anyway why should I have to answer to you when you was so trying to get your daughters pushed on the gathered menfolk when everyone KNOWS they was only interested in doing my angels and I've seen you licking at that pillar of salt so SHUT UP!"
…or maybe NOT!

"Yeah but no but yeah but…" is the original work of Vicki Pollard aka Matt Lucas from "Little Britain".

"God" is a character in the Bible.

These fictional characters remain copyright © their original creators.

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