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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Day 2117: So farewell then, Claire Snort


Ms Claire Snort, the former Cabinet Minister and MP for Chained-to-a-Radiator South has QUIT from the Labour.

And as a BONUS, she is not going to try and join the Liberal Democrats either!

In her resignation letter she spells out that it is because of the Labour's attempts to shut her up about a HUNG PARLIAMENT that she is going, and in particular, the way that (typically) the Labour has conducted their disciplinary procedures by means of a string of press releases, off the record briefings and outright leaks.

Apparently, it has taken Ms Snort twenty-three years to realise that the problem with the Labour was that they are a bunch of obsessive, secretive control freaks who will have no truck with individuality or opposing opinions.

Still, I should not criticise.

Ms Snort may be late in doing it, but she has done the RIGHT THING. The Labour does not represent the policies or principles that she thought it did or that she herself thinks that she stands for so it is QUITE RIGHT that she should go rather than compromising everything away.

(Yes, I KNOW she compromised all her dignity away ages ago. Be nice.)

Lord Blairimort is only able to stay in power (in spite of the wishes of pretty much everyone from Mr Frown on down) because people continue stay in the Labour long after they should have realised that Lord B is just using them, long after they should have noticed that what they are being loyal to has nothing at all to do with the policies of this government.

If more of the Labour realised that they really are not in any kind of socialist party at all any more and just left, then Lord Blairimort might find his nauseating farewell tour of BLUE PETER and SONGS OF PRAISE cut rather abruptly (oh dear, pun alert) SHORT!

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