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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Day 2064: Star Wars Lego


My Daddy Richard has a PROBLEM. It is something that he finds it difficult to talk about. He has a secret CRAVING that he is unable to give up. Like many people with this problem he manages to conceal it and can even appear to lead an ordinary life, but every so often he will "fall off the wagon" and INDULGE himself all over again. There are secret dens of VICE called "shops" where he can go to get his "fix" or he can even place orders over the Internet.

Yes, it is true: he is a LEGOHOLIC

Which is GREAT for me – look what I'VE built today!

Take the money / open the box

Read very carefully

Choose the pieces

This bit goes here

Fix this bit

Stick this on the top


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hashi-khushi said...

A bit Childish...but still CoooooL!!!!! Wanna try Blogcharm