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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Day 2055: Seven Blogs in Seven Days: “Lynne’s Parliamentary and Haringey Diary”


Soon it will be time for the LIBERAL DEMOCRAT conference and this year there is to be a SPECIAL PRIZE for the Best Liberal Blog of the Year.

It will be very, very difficult for people to decide who DOES deserve this prize because there are so many very, very good diaries to read. I should like to tell you about some of the ones that I like to stick my big fluffy nose into for a good browse.

First to come to my attention is Ms Lynne Featherstone on "Lynne’s Parliamentary and Haringey Diary"

This week she writes about the place of the weekly political game of "pin the knife in the Prime Minister’s back".

Ms Lynne writes a diary that contains a mix of a lot of stuff about what she is doing in her parliamentary job together with the occasional longer piece that are more commentator-y. It comes across as being an honest account of a very busy life, and it is GOOD that she is able to take the time to say these things. Ms Lynne’s constituents are lucky to have someone who wants to communicate with them. I think it is quite brave as well, as it comes across as genuine and unspun – and we can all think of political people who have come unstuck by being too honest in their diaries.

You should also take a look at Sir Mr the Merciless’ so-called blog (although I am NOT SURE that he writes it all himself). Here is his explanation of why Lord Blairimort's foreign policy is RUBBISH!

All citizens will enjoy his blog… on pain of death!

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