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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Day 2061: Okay, it’s way more than Seven Blogs in Seven Days: “Lib Dem Blogs Aggregated”


Oh I give up! I cannot keep my fluffy list down to JUST SEVEN!

I was going to tell you about Mr Rob Fenwick on "The posh sounding Northumbrian", who has interesting things to say about Sir Mr the Merciless' latest video.

But there is also Mr Joe Otten who writes "Joe’s Extra Bold Political Blog", and wants to tell us more about Pluto. (Daddy Richard agrees with him, even if they are both WRONG! Pluto IS a planet or where does all the PLUTONIUM come from???)

And there is INVALUABLE internationalism from Mr Tony Ferguson on his "Ballots, Balls and Bikes" (oooh, what a name!), who writes pieces that no one else would cover, like this on alleged threats to the life of the Thai Prime Minister!

Technically disqualified from my seven days by not posting anything in the last week is Mr James Graham and his "Quaequamblog!" Though when he DOES have something to say it will usually be something ACERBIC that cuts to the essential heart of the matter. Take this example of him PRICKING the BUBBLE of Mr Tony Benn, the ORIGINAL Phoney Tony.

I would not want to leave out Mr Colin Ross on "Colin Ross News", who is mostly a factual reporter but always keen to encourage the Liberals in his local area (and EVERYWHERE!), with a positive outlook, even for tales like this by-election bad news.

Nor can I forget Mr Paul Walter on "Liberal Burblings" who has been so VERY nice about me (I blush to say) and who is one of the few people to be good enough to expand his views when presented with new facts. Here he is contemplating the choice of holiday reading of the Monkey-in-Chief. Yes, it’s shocking: the Monkey-in-Chief can READ!

And certainly not least are all the heroes of "The Apollo Project", with their Liberal Review, but PARTICULARLY Mr Steve and Mr Peter. Terrific thinking, rapid response, sly satire. Apollo was not just the god of the sun and music and prophesy, but was also the name given by NASA to the AMAZING missions that took humans to a new world for the first time.

As my Daddy Richard is fond of saying: "LET’S BUILD ROCKET SHIPS!"

And the final big fluffy hug is for Mr Ryan Cullen: thank you for having us all!

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