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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Day 2059: Seven Blogs in Seven Days: “Liberal England”


No one should miss out on one of Liberal Democracy’s hottest writers, Mr Jonathan Calder on "Liberal England".

There was – as always – plenty to choose from this week, so I have gone for a PARTICULARLY choice piece, a poignant review of the lessons to be learned from BBC docu-drama "Accused".

This isn’t typical of Mr Jonathan’s writings, but only because he is so ECLECTIC, covering a wide range of issues and in a wide range of styles from throwaway one-liners to an in-depth thoughtful piece like this.

He is also a close friend of LORD BONKERS – so I am hoping he can get me into my favourite London Club: the House of Lords!

Having said that, I don’t want to pass up an opportunity to also pass on a recommendation for Mr Iain Sharpe on "Eaten by Missionaries". Quite the opposite of Mr Jonathan, Mr Iain’s posts are quite rare. For example, we were lucky to get a few posts from him this week, including these reflections on the Scottish Smoking ban.

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