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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day 4717: Millennium’s Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Top Trunks #50: THE DOCTOR


Age: Between his twelfth and last incarnation… hang on if Davy T used up regeneration eleven AND twelve now, doesn’t that make Mr Dr Matt both twelfth AND last…? Uh oh!
Stories: 2
Awesomeness: the Catharsis of Spurious Morality!
Cuddles: there’ll be no impropriety with the Inquisitor!
AKA: m'learned doctor of law (allegedly; Boatyard, Backyard, Graveyard, Knackers’ Yard… Keeper of the Great Key; Peter Guillam (Tinker, Tailor); Neville Badger (A Bit of a Do); Colonel Mustard (Cluedo); Colonel X (no relation) (Press Gang); …and James Bond on the radio; he’s the immortal Michael Jayston.

He'd better be in the Christmas Dr Woo!

Nya ha ha ha haaaa

Bwa ha ha ha haaaa




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