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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 4699: Millennium’s Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Top Trunks #19: CHESSENE OF THE FRANZINE GRIG


Age: Ageless
Stories: 1
Awesomeness: Defeated the Sontarans. In bacofoil.
Cuddles: Embraces gourmand experience. And Dastari when necessary.
AKA: Supreme Commander Servalan, President of the Terran Federation, Ruler of the High Council, Lord of the Inner and Outer Worlds, High Admiral of the Galactic Fleets, Lord General of the Six Armies, and Defender of the Earth. Every fanboy’s fantasy – and proud of it - Jacqueline Pearce


Unknown said...

Quite a lot of fangirls' fantasy too... SWOON


Millennium Dome said...

A good point well made!