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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Day 4710: Millennium’s Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Top Trunks #38: THE DOCTOR

Day of the Doctor:

Age: 756, er 759, er, you’ve lost count
Stories: television 42 (if you count Shada); audio 42 (if you count John Culshaw doing ‘im in The Kingmaker); books 42 (okay 25 actually, but come on Douggie Adams was his script editor!)
Awesomeness: IS the Doctor! IS Tom Baker!
Cuddles: Marry the girl, Doctor
AKA: Meglos (the lush aggressive vegetation); Captain Rum; Prince Koura; the former Mrs Lalla Ward; that bloke that does Little Britain; Shirley Williams

Now… enjoy the Anniversary Special and we’ll be back tomorrow… it’s faaaaar from being all over! Keep Warm!

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