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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day 4707: Millennium’s Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Top Trunks #33: A CASE FOR JAGO & LITEFOOT


Age: Eighteen-Nineties
Stories: 28
Awesomeness: Their exploits have come to the attention of the Queen Empress herself! (Or have they!)
Cuddles: Confirmed bachelors. (Not for want of trying on Mr Jago’s part.) Best friend Ellie might be a bit, er, vampirey. (And/or her aging papa works in refuse collection.)
AKA: Investigators of Infernal Incidents, Dynamic Duo of Dastardly Dealings, Fabulous Foilers of Fantastical Fiends; Avuncular Vacationing Visitors to Venus; Prodigious Pair of Promethean Protectors (that’s enough, ed.)

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