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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Day 2801: Senator Oven Chip Reaps the Whirlwind


Senator Oven Chip's big party this week had a near miss with Hurricane Gustave… but now an entirely more TABLOID kind of storm looks like washing out his week.

In fact, the Hurricane looked like being – in a sick and twisted sort of way – a WIN-WIN for the Replutocrats. On the one fluffy foot they get to AVOID Senator Oven Chip sharing a stage with the Monkey-in-Chief; on the other fluffy foot, they get their superannuated candidate to look all statesmanlike and non-partisan without him having to deliver a speech that gets compared to Barry O's Big Night Out.

Bad luck then that the man INFAMOUS for his SHORT FUSE decided that he only need to spend A COUPLE OF HOURS before making the most important decision of the campaign – namely who gets the BIG JOB should Mr Death should accidentally surprise the Senator coming out of the shower one morning.

I think that the comparison is OBVIOUS.

While Barry O was first the basis for the character of HEROIC Dumbocratic candidate Mr Matt Santos in the West Wing (and now the people who wrote Santos based on Obama are writing speeches for Obama based on Santos…)

Clearly the Replutocrats want some of this "TV Story Coming TRUE" magic, and have picked the OTHER White House drama, the one where the crinkly old candidate picks a Veep in heels to pretty up his campaign with the important independents intending that she should be ornamental and never near ANY levers, let alon levers of power, only to croak from an unexpected brain-storm leaving an inexperienced chief executive in the Oval Office.

Did no one TELL THEM that "Commander in Chief" was CANCELLED after just eighteen weeks?

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