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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 2813 (again, again): IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME, 2008!


Victory for Fluffy Justice!

Soft Protest Success!
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OH YES! I am guaranteed to be the one-hundred-and-seventy-seventh* Blogger of the Year!

Meanwhile, this year was ALWAYS going to be Citizen Alix's night. And QUITE RIGHT TOO.

And we were VERY pleased to see that she had managed a DARING escape from abroad, rescued by a Republic of Mortimer AIRSHIP.

Well done to all the winners, several of whom were Citizen Alix, but also Mr Black Peter Prince of Wales for the Tim Garden Award for Best Blog-by-an Elected-Liberal-Democrat, and Ms Baroness Ros for Best Use of Social-Networking.

Well Deserved Win (fresh from DARING Parachute escape!)
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Special thank yous to Ms Jennie and her many fluffy friends for all of your cheers last night. Citizen Alix THOROUGHLY deserved to win… but it didn't half make a soft toy feel better!

NEXT year's judge will be better...
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*Based on Mr Ryan's count of Lib Dem Blogs on the Blogregator yesterday. Mr Dr Pax has promised: each year the winner of the Blogger of the Year will be added to the judging panel so that in end EVERYONE will end up being a winner.

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Jennie said...

Steph has a Peter Black Hat!