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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Day 2794: From Bletchley With Love


We spent our Bank Holiday at Station X. I COULD tell you that this was Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes but then I would have to SHOOT you.

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Anyway, we learned some stuff:

Mr Ian Fleming writer of JAMES BOND was SECRETLY the navy intelligence liaison officer for Station X;

The Truth is in Here
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He was totally not allowed to tell anyone what he got up to there during the war, and yet the plot of "From Russia With Love" turns out to be almost entirely TRUE;

How Enigmatic... or is it?
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The James Bond film "Goldeneye" is named after Mr Ian's house in the Caribbean which is called "Goldeneye" which IN TURN is named after the secret operation which Mr Ian was a part of during World War Part Two to see what the evil Nazi spies were up to in Spain;

Goldeneye Duck... no, that's not right...
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There are more Aston Martins in the Aston Martin Owners Club club than there are parking spaces at Station X. I almost fainted with excitement!

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More Astons
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Even More Astons (and Q has dropped in in a jump-jet)
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I'll have this one
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No… THIS one
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Hang on… what's this?
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The Most Famous Car in the World™
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…although this might be handy for a quick getaway!
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The World's first computer (second if you count the Ultima Machine in Doctor Who!) was called Colossus and was built by an engineer from the post office called Mr Tommy Flowers. Since this is Daddy Richard's Daddy's name, Daddy Richard almost fainted with surprise!

Mr Tommy H Flowers
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The Colossus computer was able to work out the settings on an Engima machine so that the lady intelligence officers working at Station X could break the Germans' codes and translate what they were saying. But to prevent the Nazis from ever discovering that we could do this, the information was DISGUISED as a part of an ordinary intelligence report, rather than being sent out as a transcript;

Super Computer
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These ordinary seeming intelligence reports were code-named "Ultra" (for Ultra-top-secret). Each Ultra file was given a reference number and all Ultra reference numbers began with the prefix double-oh… and that's where we came in!

Look Up...
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Look Down…
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Look Out!
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Bletchley Park is a TERRIBLY important site of historical interest, not just because of its role in probably winning World War Part Two (at least two years earlier than without it), but also as the birthplace of all modern computers (unless you count the Clockwork Ouroboros from Mr Larry's "Book of the War"). But Station X does not receive any support from the Government or the National Lottery Balls. They rely on admissions and donations from members of the public.

So we should like to heartily recommend that you go along.

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