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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Day 2632: Bendy Buses Banned – Barracked By Bonkers Boris Braying Boisterous Boastful Bombast


Oh fluffy dear: this looks like a bit of a surrender from Mr Mayor Ken, sneaking out the news that he's ending his fleet of spontaneously-combusting mobile road-blocks on the day before the Mayoral election officially gets under weigh.

This comes on top of a YouGov/Evening Standard opinion poll that gives Bonkers Boris a SIZEABLE lead in first preferences of 49% over Mr Mayor Ken's 37%. (Mr Brian, the only SERIOUS choice, starts the race on 12%.)

This means that the actual result is either going to be very embarrassing for YouGov or really FANTASTICALLY embarrassing for London!

Mayor Ken seems to think that he can get away with criticising Boris's transport policies and then stealing the centrepiece of his plan!

But that does not so much rob Boris of his platform as make Mayor Ken look desperate and out of ideas AND make Boris look CREDIBLE. Yes, that IS hard to believe, isn't it!

"I…yi….yi…yi… I should say something REALLY crazy and…and…and see if he does that too," said Boris, speaking at the launch of his new proposal to abolish Tuesdays.

Why are people STILL being fed a false choice between this berk who barks at bendy-buses and that creep who covers-up for crooks?

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