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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Day 2623: Live from Liverpool


It is Spring Conference weekend for us Liberal Democrats, and so My Daddies and I are off to Liverpool.

Your accreditied correspondent
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Here we are, in the European City of Culture 2008 - this must be culture out of the window...

the elephant in the (hotel) room
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Look! Trains!
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Then it is off to Liberal Drinks...

(Do not worry, NO alcohol for me! Yuck!)

I'll have the Nuts, Please!
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The Republic of Mortimer provides a warm welcome
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...and so does Mr Gladstone.
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For SOME reason, most of the discussion is about BEER.

It would seem from what the bloggers told me that it the olden days, when working men would spend up to 27% of their annual earnings on the BOOZE, Great Britain was in a pretty much permanent state of INEBRIATION. So clearly, the problem nowadays is that we are just not drinking ENOUGH! After all, if the Labour and Conservatories are RIGHT and we want to go back to the GOOD OLD DAYS™ then never mind binge drinking... it is all this binge STOPPING that must be causing the problems.

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Jennie Rigg said...

OMG is that Jon Ball drinking PROPER BEER?!!!!

I claim credit! I converted him!