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Monday, February 04, 2008

Day 2586: Bring Me Sunshine (State)


Oh, I was NOT going to write to you again about the American elections before next Tuesday's Super Double-Duper Tuesday, but there have been significant developments, following the votes in Florida.

Senator Edwards has admitted what we all knew: it's between Hillary-Billary and Barry O.

And former Mayor Rude-y Giuliani has achieved the biggest ever cock up in a Presidential election.

This is all the more SURPRISING when you remember that the Floridians broke the rules and brought their primaries forwards to January, meaning that they only count HALF for the Repluticrats and NOT AT ALL for the Dumbocrats.

It seems rather an ODD time for Senator Edwards to call it a day. The twenty-six delegates that he gained in those little warm-up primaries aren't going to be enough to let him be "kingmaker" come the summer. Could he REALLY not have hung on for another week to see how Super Tuesday panned out for him? Well, at millions of dollars a day, actually he possibly couldn't. After a poor third even in his home state of South Carolina, it's possible that the money just ran out. Even to coast to the finish line next week – stopping spending – would have been an admission that he wasn't in the fight and an invitation to humiliation. When the real choice becomes obviously between "him" and "her", for Senator John being a gooseberry was just asking to get squished.

Commentators were quick to guess that Senator John would INSTANTLY endorse Mr Barry, and were clucking about how the Barry O campaign had clearly learned to be clever and done a deal. Clearly they HAVEN'T because Senator John hasn't endorsed anyone yet. He's really not got the leverage but it's possible that he's hanging out for a shot at the VP from whoever will offer it. Though of course THAT is only on the cards if they don't offer the second seat to EACH OTHER!

And now that it's down to the two of them, it seems that they've stopped being QUITE so nasty to each other, and it's just possible that both camps have realised that they might not just have to work together but that together they might have to make a "dream ticket" work.

DECLINING the opportunity in the latest debate to rule it out, at this stage speaks volumes. They still had their disagreements, but they've left the BITTERNESS at the door (at least for now!) and have clearly agreed that it's time to start turning the fire towards the Replutocrats.

Which is clearly BAD NEWS for whichever SCHMUCK ends up strapping himself to the target!

Meanwhile, my old fluffy sparing partner, Mr Frank Luntz was on the Newsnight show telling Mr Paxo how Super Tuesday will play out for the Replutocrats, saying he CONFIDENTLY expected Senator Oven-Chip to take HALF the states up for grabs.

Now, obviously that SOUNDS like a COMMANDING position for the superannuated warmonger, but what it REALLY means is that the Replutocrats are SPLIT right down the middle, with half their supporters favouring a geriatric from the military-industrial complex and the OTHER half wanting a god-botherer of some flavour (the flavours on offer being oily-and-rich or country-nut).

A joke: why are the most populous states in the Union on the coast? Because of all the people who are BACKING SLOWLY AWAY!

So with the Governator backing him in California and Mayor Rude-y endorsing him for New York, Senator Oven-Chip stands to win some of the really BIG delegate numbers next week, and that may see it all sewn up.

EXCEPT, there is a bit of a HIDDEN DANGER for the Replutocrats here.

You see, it seems like the moneyed factions may have decided that some old geezer who pis… annoyed them off a lot is just the FALL GUY they need to stand up to get mown down by the Clinton Gang. But the Bring-on-the-Rapture wing of the party still actually believes in winning. So when (not if) Senator Oven-Chip goes down, there are going to be a whole HORDE of Jebus-loving rednecks, furiously convinced that THEY WAS RIGHT about who should have been picked. And they'll be looking for payback. It might be quite a while before the Replotocrats can put THAT coalition back together again.

Mr God bless Amnesia!

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HE Elsom said...

Nobody much is mentioning it, but John Edwards' wife is seriously ill. She's still been working very hard for him, but they might both have decided that if he's not going to win they should do what's best for her. A few more weeks of rest for her might matter a lot more than the (smallish) chance of a political payoff for him.