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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Day 2602: "If anything goes wrong, the mayor is responsible"


Those were Mr Mayor Ken's words to the London Assembly this week: "If anything goes wrong, the mayor is responsible."

Then he had Lee Jasper suspended.

"This casts serious doubt on Mr Ken's judgement," said Mr Brian, shocked at the escalation in the SCANDAL.

"This goes far beyond the allegations made by the Evening Standard, which simply suggested that Lee Jasper had broken the rules, not broken the law."

Is Mr Mayor Ken ACTUALLY going to take responsibility? Well, forgive me if I suspect NOT. He does have a history of saying one thing and then denying it later.

Promises not to remain INDEPENDENT and not rejoin the Labour, and to serve for no more than two terms seem to have been just slightly OVERLOOKED.

(Though do not try reminding him, as he tends to get a bit CROSS!)

Even in this current crisis he may have been caught in a BIT of an untruth.

It seems that he knew about the problem of the missing cash – because he'd been TOLD about it – but then denied there WAS any problem. It no doubt just slipped his mind.

Though if he is getting so FORGETFUL, perhaps it would be a kindness to give him a nice long VACATION, say from around about May of this year…

So it is BAD NEWS for Mr Jaspar, as he is under investigation, but will the STINK affect Mr Mayor Ken?

Mr Marty of Mayorwatch suggests that this is ACTUALLY a cunning win-win strategy for him.

If his opponents on the London Assembly go along with the plan, then he gets to kick this whole scandal into the LONG GRASS until after the election, by making the whole thing subject to a police investigation. If they DON'T then he can say they had the chance to put up so now they have to SHUT UP.

And do you know, I think Mr Marty might be RIGHT!

Speaking of people backed by the office of the Labour's Mayor, though, GOOD NEWS from Leyton where Local Labour's CHICKENS came home to roost when the Liberal Democrats recovered the council seat stolen by convicted liar, Ms Miranda Grell.

Pink News covers the same story and so does Lib Dem Voice, of course.

Let me add my FLUFFY CONGRATULATIONS to those of Ms Merel Ace, Mr Matt Davies, Mr Neil Woollcott and many others.

Hooray! Very well done!

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