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Friday, February 08, 2008

Day 2589: Oh Bugger!


Mr Clogg has taken the Prime Monster to task over his obsession with transforming Great Britain into a POLICE STATE!

From endlessly expensive I.D.iot cards to tracking our movements with talking CCTV; from fingerprinting schoolchildren to bugging the private meetings of our MPs: this government has made us the most SPIED on, least TRUSTED people in the Western World.

Like the idea that the government could corrupt our coroners and control their courts, the notion of breaching the confidence of discussions between a constituent and their MP – or a defendant and their lawyer – undermines the very RULE of LAW that defines Great Britain.

As a LIBERAL elephant, this is completely ANATHEMA to me. I have never REALLY understood how CATHOLICS could be so OBSESSED with the sanctity of the CONFESSIONAL – suddenly, now I feel that I do!

As the CRISIS concerning the bugging of MP Mr Sidiq Khan continued to unfold, the policeperson responsible claimed to be in FEAR for his life – no doubt he is afraid that someone will violate his human rights… oh.

Meanwhile, the man at least theoretically responsible, Mr Man O'Straw, the Sinister Minister, denied knowing what was going on.

Which is ANOTHER failing of this government – they do not even KNOW what their secret police are UP TO! And worse, they seem not to CARE!

This really has pushed my OVER THE EDGE! I can hardly believe it, but I am starting to think that the Conservatories – Mr God who does not exist help me, the Conservatories! – might be better than this lot. Though you might need a MICROSCOPE to see it!

Corrupt, shallow, nepotistic, incompetent, upper-class nincompoops they might be, but they are still ONLY venal and selfish. And these things are FINITE: once sated, they will stop.

The Labour are MAD and DANGEROUS and they won't stop because they think they are on a mission from Mr God (see above).


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