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Friday, November 02, 2007

Day 2494: Vince Versus the King


Well done to Mr Power Cable for turning down a slap up banquet in honour of King of the Sauds, King Ablutions.

I have to say, it was a bit of a CHEEK of his rude royal richness to have a go at Great Britain for not doing enough to combat terrorism, when a great many more terrorists appear to come from his country than from ours. (No need to mention the nationality of the World's Official Number-One Nutter and Winner of the "Which Cave Shall I Hide In" Award for the last four years running.)

Saudi Arabia is the sort of country that gives MEDIEVAL DESPOTISM a BAD NAME. There are times when it seem like half the radical groups in the Middle East were radicalised because of the extreme oppression of people in Arabia… and that the OTHER half were radicalised by militant manuals funded by the Saudi Government!

(The ultra-conservative Wahhadi brand of Islam that the Saudi Government is pushing seeks principally to turn the clock back to the Time of the Prophet, preaching that the religion has been corrupted by undesirable innovations and modern materialist cultural influences. That means US by the way. Mind you, they don't seem to mind such modern materialist cultural influences as receiving squillions of oil-dollars in ready cash.)

Their RECORD on human rights can be found in the HORROR MOVIE THEMES section, and we still do not know whether they were taking ILLEGAL BRIBES from BAE… largely because they BLACKMAILED the British Government with the threat of no more co-operation on terrorism if we didn't quietly drop it. Remember: Corruption is a CRIME unless, apparently, the Prime Monster decides he'd rather it wasn't.

HILARIOUSLY, Conservatory MP Mr Daniel Kawczynski has tabled a motion condemning Mr Power Cable's Condemnation!

Presumably Mr Kamikaze is not doing this to get some CHEAP PUBLICITY but to register his profound support for the torturing, murdering, blackmailing, bribe-taking, anti-democratic, anti-gay-daddy and profoundly misogynist backwards barbaric regime. Although, come to think of it, the cheap publicity stunt option would actually make him look less of a BERK.

I DO look forward to hearing Mr Balloon give him his FULL SUPPORT.


Today was Daddy Alex's birthday, so we had a party to which King Ablutions was NOT invited!

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Andy said...

Much as I would like to believe the "cheap publicity stunt" option of my very own MP, I'm afraid I can't. In his efforts to represent the views of the people of Shrewsbury and Atcham, Mr. Kawczynski has worked tirelessly as a shill for Saudi Arabia for some time now.

Jo Hayes said...

It's a further irony that the squillions of dollars are earned from a huge underground lake of oil that they didn't even know was there until some despised Westerners came along and found it.