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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Day 2522: Soft Toy Founds Religion


A Teddy Bear has been named "Muhammad". Apparently this is a CRIME!

The kindly British schoolteacher who introduced the bear to her class has been arrested and charged with insulting Islam by making an image of their Prophet.

This is INSANE. This could ONLY be true if the people who have arrested her are ASSERTING that their Prophet was (and I shudder to even suggest it) a CUDDLY BEAR. Because surely, surely it cannot be enough just to give the NAME Muhammad to a small, cute person… or they would have to arrest almost EVERY Muslim parent on Earth!

This is why religions should not be allowed to have ANYTHING to do with making laws. The very idea that you can base some kind of JUST legal system – never mind a moral framework – on a scheme that lends itself to HYSTERICAL prejudices is totally beyond comprehension.

The situation would be LUDICROUS if it were not also so FRIGHTENING.

Ms Gillian Gibbons, the innocent teacher involved, risks being sentenced to FORTY LASHES. This is BARBARIC and EVIL! It is not like she even NAMED the bear herself – it was the choice of the schoolchildren as their FAVOURITE NAME!

Get that: this is a Teddy Bear who HAPPENS to have the same name as MILLIONS of children across the world. He is NOT supposed to represent ANYONE other than himself.

This arrest is TOTALLY unacceptable. Ms Gibbons has GOT to be RELEASED UNHARMED. And I bet that there are literally millions of Muslims out there who agree with me: this lady has done NOTHING WRONG.

For all the undeniable GOOD that is done in the name of religions up and down the planet, a whole lot of NEEDLESS suffering is done too, because people will insist on treating dogma as more important than real suffering in the here and now.

Also, while I like to think that people out there take me SERIOUSLY, I would be VERY ALARMED to think that you might make a RELIGION out of ME! It would be DREADFUL to think that, in a thousand years, lunatics might wage war in my name against the Cultists of Cuddly Cthulhu!


Soft Toys make GOOD cuddly friends but VERY BAD deities!

If you really DO think that you have to worship me as a GOD, please leave your prayers in the comments section, and I will ignore them just like every other god in the history of the world does.

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