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Friday, November 16, 2007

Day 2508: Life of Brian!


Hooray for Brilliant Mr Brian!

I have not been VERY good at keeping my OBJECTIVITY on this one, have I? So I doubt that anyone will be surprised to learn that I am JOLLY PLEASED to hear that Mr Brian won the contest to be the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Mayor of London.

It was a stunning victory, with Mr Brian gaining 73% of first preference votes (that is ALMOST a shame, because the other two candidates were also VERY GOOD, but it does show that we pretty much all recognised THE MOST QUALIFIED LIBERAL for the job.)

I think that it is excellent that a policeperson with such a HIGH PROFILE background in public service should WANT to represent the Liberal Democrats. People often complain that their politicians no longer have REAL LIVES outside of the "Westminster Bubble" – that is not the case with Mr Brian who has BAGS of EXPERIENCE in the real world, dealing with real people and solving real problems. And it should be obvious to anyone that his police policy has always been a LIBERAL approach of reaching out to people, to make a safer community through cooperation and engagement.

He reached the heights of Deputy Assistant Commissioner by working his way up from the ranks, and has seen frontline service – not least during the Brixton riots – as well as guiding the famous Brixton experiment that ACTUALLY saw crime FALL.

Let's USE some of that experience and enthusiasm to:

  • Make London safer – with more properly trained policepeople sent where they're needed to cut crime
  • Make London greener – starting with powering the tube with renewable power
  • Make London united – with an All Zone Mayor, not a Zone One Mayor
So now you know your choice if you want to replace King Ken (and Newtzilla): a man who can COMMAND the police and gain the RESPECT and love of the public… or a chap who can't keep control of a panel game.

Not a TOUGHIE is it!

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