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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day 2485: Poll of Poles


Bye bye "Law and Justice" in Poland.

Of course it is NOT "Anarchy in Poland", as Mr Balloon might say, but the election of a new Polish Government following the collapse of the right-wing coalition that has been in power and generally scaring everybody for the last two years.

In Polish, "Law and Justice" is "Prawo i Sprawiedliwość" or "PiS" for short, and who could take the... Mickey out of THAT?

Despite having roots in the Solidarity Trade Union from the Communist era, (or perhaps BECAUSE of their roots in the Solidarity) PiS policies are based heavily on CATHOLIC TEACHINGS and ANTI-COMMUNISM.

You might say that "Law and Justice" are about unjust laws. They are not just right-wing (which the new lot are, too), they are bullying, illiberal and authoritarian. And religious bigots to boot.

In fact, their agenda of cutting taxes whilst, increasing prison sentences, and blaming Europe for everything that has gone wrong sounds EERILY FAMILIAR from somewhere.

Of course, the main difference from Mr Balloon's Conservatories is in their attitude to GAY DADDIES – the PiS still say what they think; Mr Balloon likes to keep his lip buttoned about his voting record these days. As it happens, the logo of the PiS is an eagle with a crown on; while the logo of Mr Balloon is a TWO-FACED SNAKE-IN-THE-GRASS! [R: surely, mighty English Oak?!]

Polish soon-to-be-ex-Prime Monster Mr Jarosław Kaczyński has said:

"The affirmation of gay daddies will lead to the downfall of civilization. We can't agree to it!"

And if you think HE'S a fruit-loop, you should see his allies in the minority off-the-scale right-wing "League of Polish Families" party! Their youth movement the Hitler All-Polish Youth attended the Warsaw Gay Pride… in order to throw eggs and stones and bottles. The Warsaw Gay Prides was of course banned in 2005 by the then Mayor, none other than… Mr Coleslaw Kaczyński.

(I am not sure that linking the Polish Government to the Hitler Youth will go down TOO WELL – since Krazy Mr Coleslaw has also TASTEFULLY demanded extra votes in the EU because of all the Poles who were killed by the Germans in the World War part two.)

The big winners in the election were "Civic Platform" with 40% of the votes, compared to 32% for PiS.

"Civic Platform" aka "Platforma Obywatelska" or "PO" is a centre-right Telytubby party whose policies include flat taxes, Trade Union reform and privatisations, but also improved higher education, decentralisation to local government and independence for the Bank of Poland. Bizarrely they also want to swap a fair votes system for a "First Pass the Port" one.

Which looks a lot like what Mr Balloon would write if he was asked to write a manifesto for the Liberal Democrats. You know: nuts!

You may prefer the Democratic Party (PD) who are members of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party. Their policies include flat taxes too, but also a concentration on improving education and job opportunities and expanding health care without privatisation.

On the other fluffy foot, they can only muster a tiny percentage of the popular vote; they contested the 2007 election as part of the "Left and Democrats" (Lewica i Demokraci) coalition, the grouping that came third, but will probably still be confined to opposition as the Civc Platform with 209 seats will only need the 31 seats of the Christian Democratic Polish Peoples Party to form a majority in parliament.

The European Union may decide to welcome this result as they will be relieved and grateful not to have to cope with an ARGUMENTATIVE and OBSTRUCTIONIST Prime Monster, demanding special treatment and exemptions in every treaty and threatening to use the veto. At least, not ANOTHER one.

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