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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Day 2474: Thursdays Are Funny


Especially when you add up the days in your diary and realise that Daddy has missed one out again.

(It was Thursday 30th August if you are interested.)

Note to self: must watch Darth Maul's new telly show one of these days.

Mr Hugs was on cracking form on Questionable Time, though – favourite moment was when he completely DERAILED Ms Harriet Harpy. Ms Harpy was going into one about how Mr Balloon said his Conservatories would be coming first in the Ealing by-election when Mr Hugs (from off camera) asked:

"Did they come second then?"

"No," shrills La Harpy, not spotting the ELEPHANT TRAP, "they did not even come second…"

"Who came second then?"

Ms Harpy, face now like thunder, "it was the…" snarls "…Liberal Democrats."

Huge applause. Well done Mr Hugs.


I now have to face the terrifying possibility that Ms Harpy reads my diary!

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