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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day 2476: President Al and the Peace Prize


So it turns out that Mr Al Bore has won the Nobel Peace Prize for his film "An Inconvenient Truth". Which is nice. I am sure it will make a useful matching bookend to his Oscar.

(Factoid courtesy of Mr Jon Snomail of the Channel Four News: the only OTHER person to win both was Mr George Bernard Shaw, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature and the Oscar Prize for the screenplay of the film Pygmalion. Coo!)

The "Inconvenient Truth" is that I have not seen the DVD yet, so I cannot comment on the alleged nine factual errors.

But at least it but CAN be shown to children.

Obviously this latest bout of post-political success has triggered a CAVALCADE of calls for Mr Bore to enter the 2008 Presidential Race as the only man capable of beating the Hillary-Billary Bandwagon [R: Republicans, surely?]

For the good of everyone, Mr Bore has now said "No, thank you."

Obviously this is because he sees his future as doing more good though his Climate Change Campaign than in another Presidential Bid, and has noting at all to do with the fact that even Mr Bore can see that jetting around the world meeting POP STARS is a whole lot more fun than the BURIAL IN GUANO that the Monkey-in-Chief made of the Presidency.

And DEFINITELY nothing to do with not wanting to tick off his old boss! [R: surely his old boss's WIFE?]

I know what I'm saying!

I am remembering the recent interview with President Billary-Hillary when he said he wouldn't mind accepting a job in Hillary-Billary's White House.

"But what would happen if you wanted to do one thing and she wanted to do another?"

"Well, haha haha, exactly the same as LAST time she was President, haha haha!"

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Radders said...

Of course President Al Bore should not be confused with Cllr Sir Albert Bore, leader of the Birmingham Labour group...