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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Day 2273: The Landslide of Androzani


Hot BY-ELECTION news from the SIRIUS SYSTEM: Liberal Democrat JASON ANDROZANI has had a MAJOR victory over the Labour androids of Blairius Jek.

Here is the news as it was reported:

Close Vote(!), says Ed Maxfield.

Labour annihilated, says Matt Davies.

Another Huge Lib Dem Victory, declares Liberal Action.


Sutton (Notts) By-election, raves Alex Foster on Lib Dem Voice!

Oooh, steady on there, Mr Alex!

Lift engineer Trau Balloon is reported to have been shot by his employers!

(This diary is dedicated to Mr Will, since he is the ONLY person who will get it!)


Eight days to go!

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