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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Day 1962: Typical!


Daddy Alex and I have just been listening to the six o'clock headlines on the Today Programme.

Two political reports get slipped in just after the big stories:

Mr Balloon is to step up his PR campaign to be loved by people in the North of England where he STILL has no councillors. In spite of doing ever so well in the south east in the local elections, in the north Mr Balloon is still up to 10 points behind the Labour. Some local Conservatories though think that Mr Balloon is part of the problem because he is a bit Southern.

(So not because the Conservatories spent most of the Eighties obliterating the industrial and social base of life in the North of England, then.)

Also today, the Liberal Democrats have some policy announcement about how tax can help the environment. Ew tax boring… next!

Does anyone else get the feeling that something is a BIT SKEWED when a puff piece about Mr Balloon wish list (no policies) gets higher billing and twice the coverage as some actual practical ideas about the single greatest threat to the survival of the planet? No? Just me then?

It's half past six and they've just done it again!


Ooh ooh! They’ve done the seven o’clock news now and given a MUCH better piece for the Liberal Democrat environmental tax plans.

Mr Balloon still got to got first, but this time THAT was the shorter – almost dismissive – piece!

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