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Monday, May 15, 2006

Day 1956: Balloon Hijack


Mr Balloon has come out with a firm new policy. He is to reform, replace or abolish humans.


This is about the case of some people from AFGHANISTAN who got on an aeroplane and then stole it and all the people on board and made them fly ALL THE WAY to Britain. Where they were caught red handed!

At the time, February 2000, Afghanistan was being ruled by some VERY BAD people called the TALLIBAN who had taken all the rules of their religion and turned them up to ELEVEN. They were very mean to women and to television sets. And by the end of 2001 Britain would be at WAR with them. So by and large we can agree that they were not VERY nice. Even though it was a VERY BAD THING to steel and aeroplane and all those people you can sort of understand why DESPERATE people might do it.

(And haven’t I seen JAMES BOND do something like that?)

Mr Balloon says:

“It is wrong to undermine public safety by allowing the human rights of dangerous criminals to fly in the face of common sense”

Is he saying that he thinks that these men will hijack ANOTHER planeload of people and fly them BACK to Afghanistan???

Lord Blairimort had said that the court (who are the people who looked carefully at the facts of the case) had made a decision that was an “abuse of common sense”, so it interesting that Mr Balloon is so clearly saying that the government is wrong by, er, agreeing with Lord Blairimort.

Does anyone remember what “LIBERAL CONSERVATIVE” meant?

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Alex Wilcock said...

Mr Balloon has come out with a firm new policy. He is to reform, replace or abolish humans.

I think what's happened is that Mr Balloon and Lord Blairimort have both been unwisely allowed to stay up past their bedtimes and watch Rise of the Cybermen. As you might say, Millennium, it has given them IDEAS.